Mirvac Summer Nines

Mirvac Summer 9’s Teams Golf Competition

The Mirvac Summer 9’s is going to be a real hit!

  • Teams of eight. All golf levels are welcome.
    If you do not have a full team contact the Pro Shop who can help put you in a team.
  • Flexibility to play 9 holes any day, each week with your team members or with others.
  • The best 5 scores from each team make up the weekly team score.
  • Weekly graded A, B & C individual prizes.
  • Weekly winning team prizes.
  • Grand final winners.
  • Team presentation event.
  • There can only be six BLRGC Golf Members per team.
  • Open to all BLRGC golf members and visitors. $100 per team.
    (To receive your prizes all players will need to be either a BLRGC golf member or BLRGC social club member by the end of Nov. 2021.)

The Summer 9’s Teams Competition is brought to you in partnership with Mirvac, Georges Cove Residences


Competition Format:

  • The Summer 9’s competition is an 8 person team event played over two 6 weeks blocks;
    • Pre Christmas block: 1st of Nov to the 12th of Dec and
    • New Year block: 7th of Feb through to the 20th of Mar.
  • Teams of 8 players from each team simply play 9 holes once a week (Monday to the following Sunday) with the best 5 nett scores from each team contributing to their weekly team scores.
  • The maximum playing group size is 4 players and players must have their card marked by another player in the same competition.
  • Scores can be completed on the Golf Genius app or via a score card. Cards must be submitted to the Pro-Shop after your round.


  • The lowest nett team score wins the weekly team competition.
  • The best score in each individual grade wins a prize.
  • There will be 3 individual grades of A, B & C. Each week the grades will be reflective of a third of the total field to ensure an even spread prizes amongst all players. All will be 9 hole handicaps.
  • After the first 6 week block (pre-Christmas block) , the top 2 teams will receive prize money.
  • After the final 6 week block (post-Christmas block), the top 2 teams will also receive prize money.
  • The top 2 teams of the 16 week block will be announced as the winners and receive prizes.
  • Prizes will be added to the members’ account (each Monday) to be spent in the club or Pro Shop.
  • Ball prizes will be added to the members/visitors ball prizes accounts.

Handicapping & Team Notes:

  • Players with a Golf Link handicap will commence with half of their 18 hole handicap.
  • Players with no Golf Link handicap will need to submit one score card of 9 holes prior to the start of the competition to get their individual handicap.
  • Once the competition has started their handicap will only be influenced by this 9 hole competition, changes in their Golf Link handicap will not influence their 9 hole handicap.
  • Handicaps will be increased or reduced after each weeks event. One shot better than their handicap will take 1⁄2 a shot off their handicap, One shot worse will have 1⁄2 a shot added onto their handicap.
  • The daily local rules will apply.
  • There can only be six BLRGC Golf Members per team.
  • Only the players registered on the team registration form will be allowed to form play as part of the team..

Summer 9’s Course Availability:

  • Monday – All day. (outside of Public holidays)
  • Tuesday – After the clubs competition.
  • Wednesday – outside of the ladies competition time.
  • Thursday – After the clubs competition.
  • Friday – All day. (outside of corporate days)
  • Saturday – After the clubs competition.
  • Sunday – After the clubs competition.

Summer 9’s Comp Fee

  • Weekly competition fee: $10 (BLRGC Golf Members), $20 ( non BLRGC Golf members).


Do all members of my team have to have a GA handicap?
No. Anyone who doesn’t have a GA handicap will be given a “Summer 9’s” handicap once they’ve submitted one card.

Why do I need to have visitors in my team?
At it’s core, the “Summer 9’s” is a social competition, and we would love to see members bringing their neighbours, work colleagues, friends or family members for a few rounds of golf, followed by a drink or meal in the clubhouse. 

Can there be a team of 8 visitors.
Yes, the event is aimed at inviting new players to experience all that Brighton Lakes has to offer.

Are you allowed to play with players from other teams.
Yes, as it is a social competition we encourage players to organise games with other teams.

Will this competition affect my GA handicap?
No. Your daily handicap will be determined by your GA handicap, but scores will not be submitted to Golf Link.

Can I play my “Summer 9’s” round as part of regular weekly competition?
No. “Summer 9’s” scores must be from a standalone round.

Can I play 18 holes and choose my best 9 holes?

Does my whole team have to play every week?
No, but if your team doesn’t complete the minimum number of 5 rounds, a proxy score will be used.

Can my whole team play in a week?
Of course. The five best nett scores will be used out of your team of eight.

Can you help me find a team?
Yes, there are many people who have asked to be placed in a team, simply give your details to the Pro Shop and they will contact you when they have found a team.

Where will we be able to see the individual and team results?
Results will be updated weekly and posted on the clubs face book page, the members home page on miclub and all players will receive an email with a link to the updated weekly scores.

What are the 9 hole options available?
There are two 9 hole courses for the event. The front 9 holes ( 1-9 ) or the internal 9 ( 1,2, 12 -18 ).

Can I choose which 9 holes to play?
No. You can ask to play a certain 9, however the Pro Shop staff will direct you to play the most suitable 9 holes of the day. This will be influenced by existing traffic on the course.

Will there an app to score?
Yes, we will be using the Golf Genius software for all scoring procedures, and players will be able score using their app. All players will be able to score using the traditional model of score cards and we will input the scores for you. The Golf Genius portal allows players access to see detailed round results for all weeks.

How do I pick up my prizes
We like the way you think!! All prizes will be posted onto the miclub system for members, visitors and social players.