Saturday Sets ft Zoltan

Saturday, 08th June 2024

08:00pm to 11:00pm

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Live Entertainment

Zoltan has long been highly respected by his industry peers for his exceptional and effortless vocal talents. Composure, control, raw power and just a perfect measure of sweetness underscore Zoltan’s exceptional vocal talent and as an on stage live performer. A multi instrumentalist, his stage instrument of choice is his beloved saxophones.

Zoltan records unique and superb backing tracks which enable him to deliver a wonderful variation of performance styles designed to suit any audience or performance situation. His catalogue of available tracks allow him to slide easily from smooth soul sounds and laid back cool to high energy dance and funk to rock and pop classics. This ability to deliver a master class in any style ensures he is a first choice performer for audiences across Sydney. The benefits of the flexibility of a DJ sound but with a live vocal and live instrumentation make him a unique performer.